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 April 2014

New Horizons' kids recently participating in the 24th Annual New Horizons Super Bowl. It was a perfect weather day for the event. Points are awarded for scoring but also awarded if everyone on the team makes a pass and catches a pass! There are “special” players (usually the little kids) on each team that get a little extra help to score. This year there were some really great examples of some of the older kids really going out of their way to make sure the little kids on their team scored or got to make big plays!

We also give points for half-time performances. Each team along with the school personnel all perform! Points are also awarded for good sportsmanship along with cheering for the other teams while you are on the side lines. Award were also given to MVP’s and to stand out players that exemplify team work and good attitude.

This event is a big hit with the kids each year. We have many former students who still connect with us to tell us how much they enjoyed the Super Bowl. One girl who was at the Ranch in the early 90s said, "I remember it! My name is on a few footballs. So much fun!"

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