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Create an Intake Backpack

Many times, kids come to live at our homes with the clothes on their back and very few basic essentials. Fill a backpack full of goodies such as a pillow, a blanket, socks, underwear, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower essentials, books, and games. For a list of suggested items per gender and age of child, check out this list.

 Gift cards to Walmart and other retailers

With gift cards, we are able to shop for food, clothing and other miscellaneous items that are needed on a regular basis to make a home run efficiently and correctly.

Donate new, unwrapped toys

We need a variety of toys to give as birthday gifts. You could purchase a few items and bring them as birthday presents!

Provide a new bicycle

What kid doesn't love to ride a bike? Our kids LOVE to ride bikes. It is one of the funnest activities that our kids can do on a daily basis


We love to decorate for holidays! We need your help though! Sponsor a holiday to decorate and provide candy or goodies to the kids. (P.S. We need Halloween costumes every year)

Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas

Host a Drive

There are many options! Shoe Drive, Backpack Drive, Computer Drive, Camping Drive, Recreational Activities Drive, Decorations Drive, Food Drive, Blanket Drive, New Coat Drive

What's your idea?!

Collect items from the Needs List

Sometimes, we need items more quickly than others. Follow our monthly list of needed items to see if you can help.

Purchase a new pair of shoes

As we all know, kids wear out shoes so fast! We are always in need of a new pair of shoes for the kids.

Give canned goods and snacks

Green beans, corn, beans, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, fruit snacks, fruit bars, etc. The list goes on! We go through a lot of food feeding so many kids everyday and every meal!

Donate paper goods

We need toilet paper, paper towels, styrofoam cups, ziploc bags and foil.

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